Dishwashers, laundry

PowerGranules BIO, 10 l
Model 26602
Power Type Neutral
Capacity 10 l
PowerGranules® are specially designed for use with GRANULDISK products. They make your pans and containers visibly and hygienically clean. PowerGranules® are made of a plastic which has been tested and approved for contact with food. The unique mix of sizes and the composition of the material give you an exceptional removal rate and clean products which shine.
The fact is, after using PowerGranules for a time your pans and containers will shine like new. PowerGranules BIO is a bio-composite, made from 100% renewable materials. 100% fossil free! The smart solution use in average 70% less water, chemicals and energy than any other pot washing method. Check the Granule level on a daily basis against the markings in the Granule collector. PowerGranules BIO and the original PowerGranules are made from different materials, due to this we don't recommend mixing them. PowerGranules BIO will last for 2.500 cycles in average, depending on most frequent programme choice, machine type and wash ware.