Thermal equipment

Gas solid top with oven GN2/1 7.8 kW (x4), 15.305 kcal/h
Model G7TP+FG
Power Type Gas
Power 17.8 kW
Dimensions 800х700х900 mm
Weight 139 kg
Worktop and front panels made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Large sized thick cast iron plate with high resistance and heat distribution in differentiated thermal areas: maximum temperature at the centre, decreasing towards the edges. 5 kW central burners with optimized combustion activated by a valve tap with thermocouple safety valve and protected pilot flame. Piezoelectric ignition with silicone protection and a combustion chamber coated in vermiculite; a high performance insulation material. Gas static oven equipped with pilot flame made completely of stainless steel with 4 levels for 2/1 GN grids/pans. Oven burner with self-stabilized flame and adjustable thermostat from 160 to 280°. Pressed front door without seal for better insulation and easier cleaning. Pressed door and counter door of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL. High resistance door handle made of AISI 304 steel of 20/10 thickness. Adjustable feet. Standard: piezoelectric ignition of the oven. 1 anti-tilting oven grid.