Thermal equipment

Электрическая сковорода под давлением с системой мойки SpaceClean, 50 л
Power Type Electrical
Power 13.0 kW
Capacity 50 l
Dimensions 1250х850х700/ 1250х895х955
Weight 280 kg
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Producer MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co.
Electric multifunctional device. Can used as pressure brat pan, boiling kettle, big fryer or autoclave. Housing made completely of chrome nickel steel. Frying surface made of innovative TurboPowerBlock special sandwich material for 20% performance increase and 50% more power during searing. Functions: ReadyXpress with OpenExpress . The fast rise in temperature combined with high performance and the equally fast but gentle pressure release produce perfectly cooked products. MagicPilot represents a quantum leap in professional cooking technology operation. The display Touch&Slide 8˝, mounted on the right, allows excellent viewing from all sides. Its 3 mm thick glass is positioned at the optimum ergonomic angle for the user. AutoChef. The cooking process can be automatically started using the "Touch and Slide" technology. Manual operation: MagicPilot offers 9 different cooking types for individual cooking – simple and intuitive. Roasting, boiling or deep-frying in 2-4 zones with differing temperatures and times. In FlexiZone you can cook a complete menu simultaneously in just one pan. 3 different Flexi Zones. Shower. The automatic portioning in GN containers or by volume are further strengths of FlexiChef®: simple, quick, safe and of course clean. Automatic intermediate cleaning in only 2 minutes thanks to SpaceClean, completely chemical-free.