Thermal equipment

Electric tilting pressure bratt pan, 50 l
Power Type Electrical
Power 13.0 kW
Capacity 50 l
Dimensions 1250х850х700
Weight 280 kg
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Producer MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co.
FlexiChef is a multifunctional fully flexible tilting pan in 5 sizes for high speed cooking. FlexiChef makes everything possible: cooking, frying, deep frying or pressure cooking. The only horizontal cooking appliance equipped with an automatic cleaning system SpaceClean (in 2 min only! - optional). Automatic cooking (AutoChef) in 10 cooking categories, from meat to perfection (regeneration); manual cooking with 9 cooking methods. Thanks to ReadyXpress - the speed pressure cooking function (temperature range: 103-117°C) it is 3 times faster than conventional cooking! Turbo PowerBlock - skillet pan base with intelligent heating system (it only supplies energy where this power is really needed - economic and efficient). FlexiZone: a complete meal in only 1 skillet pan divided in 2-4 zones with individually controlled temperature and time (frying) - this saves space, time and energy. Automatic filling (50 l in 3 min only), automatic emptying (100 l in 90 s only), automatic portioning - precise discharge as specified in litres or volume (patented system). USB 2.0 interface at the front (for HACCP data and cooking programme transmission). Integrated ethernet interface. Integrated hand shower. With automatic hose rewinder. Electronic multipoint core temperature probe. Prepared connection for energy optimisation system. Device completely prepared for simple connection to power and water/waste water by customer. 5-sided thermally insulated skillet pan. Electric motor controlled hinged lid double-walled, thermally insulated, rotatable positioning (pinch protection). Emergency stop switch. Flow-optimised spout for precise pouring. Motor-driven base drain valve integrated flush into skillet pan base. Spray water protection IPX6. Size 1 standard (50 L). Operating panel (simple operation with MagicPilot operating concept, as your smartphone) on the left or on the right. Pan dimensions: 523x563x225 mm. Cold water connection: drinking water, cold, ¾" cap nut, pressure 2-6 bar, flow rate 13-17 l/min. Hot water connection: drinking water, warm (max. 60 °C), ¾" cap nut, pressure 2-6 bar, flow rate 13-17 l/min. Drain water connection: DN 50, flow rate 50 l/min (fixed connection) and 70 l/min (floor drain). If your FlexiChef is to be connected to Optima 850 appliances on one or both sides, please add 50 mm to the appliance length on the respective side(s)!