Reliability has the name of MKN

2021 10 26

Quality is a promise of satisfaction and a lifelong partnership with MKN. You can rely on our premium cooking equipment, guaranteed by the up-to-date production technologies, artisanal workmanship and an innovative design.
Our new "Reliability film" shows, what MKN quality stands for and why it is important to be part of MKN world of cooking!
Reliability has a name of MKN, according to our clients in the whole world, i.e. the online questionary on the clients’ feedback:

✔ 98,0% of those questioned highly trust MKN trademark

✔ 95,4% of those questioned assess operational reliability of MKN equipment as above average

✔ 95,9% of those questioned assess MKN equipment durability as above average

✔ 96,4% of those questioned would recommend MKN trademark

To conclude, the Commercial Kitchen Show in London has ended up with Gold Winner award for the MKN Combisteamer SpaceCombi Magic Team. Wayne Bennett, MKN Regional Vice President in the UK & Ireland said: „It is a real honour to receive this award, as the products demonstrated have been assessed both by the visitors and by the specialised jury. We could never have a better market feedback.“
In the end, we are glad to imform you on the delicious recipes to come on our Instagram page – enjoy your cooking and meal!