New ice cream machines - so simple, so smart!

2021 02 11

These models are studied for restaurants of small and medium dimensions, which need professional results.
Fully Automatic operation with touch screen. Press the button to start the automatic gelato production and storage cycle. Preparation time and storage phase are set automatically by the machine software, based on the constant detection of the ambient temperature and mixture density. When the mixture has reached the maximum consistency detected by the software, the machine switches to storage mode. Five storage levels are available and can be set at any time during storage (from softer to harder consistency). Gelato can be stored for a period of 8 hours, after which the machine switches off automatically. The software also features a Pause function, this can be activated during ice cream preparation or storage phase. The Pause function is signaled by a beep every 10 seconds.
All the models are equipped with removable bowl. Mixer paddle made in stainless steel with replaceable inserts.
Machines studied for those facing the world of ice cream in sector, machines simple and economic. The ideal entry machines in Ho.Re.Ca. environment for getting started in the world of gelato and sorbet. Compact in size this is the most economical series despite the stainless steel case and the automatic storage mode of gelato in the processing bowl!
The machines have two operation options:
- Manual Operation. Switch on compressor and paddle switches. When the mixture is ready you can switch on the storage switch. This will start an automatic storage cycle. Should you forget to activate the storage switch, and the ice cream becomes too hard, the density control stops the paddle motor. The compressor will keep working, the mixture in the bowl will become hard. Should the paddle do not stop (gelato is a solid block on the paddle, so no resistances makes the paddle to stop), a storage cycle will automatically start 90 minutes after the machine was first switched on.
- Automatic Operation: switch on the storage switch only. This will activate an automatic processing and storage cycle.
Ingredients will be churned and, should the density control stop the paddle, the software will start a storage cycle. If the density control does not intervene, the storage cycle will automatically start 45 minutes after the machine was first switched on.
All the models are equipped with removable bowl.