Thermal equipment

Tabletop infrared stove, 2x1.8 kW Ø200 mm
Model E6P2B/VTR
Power Type Electrical
Power 3.6 kW
Dimensions 300x600x290 mm
Weight 19 kg
Voltage 400V/3/50 Hz
Worktop in AISI 304 stainless steel. 6 mm glass ceramic cooking surface. Heating elements able to reach high temperatures (up to 500°C) that radiate heat to the cooking surface. Heating circuit in circular zones: inner diameter of 140 mm; the heat can radiate up to a diameter of 200 mm, with temperature adjustments up to 2.1 kW. The zones are marked with serigraphs that allow the proper positioning of the pan. After switching off each zone, a light signals residual heat up to 60°C to safe-guard the operator. 20/10 stainless steel heat-resistant door handle.