Ice maker with built-in container, up to 44 kg/24hrs.
Model IM-45NE
Power Type Electrical
Power 0.33 kW
Temperature 1 - 40°C ambient
Dimensions 503x456x840 mm
Weight 46 kg
Water Inlet 3/4”
Water Outlet 3/4”
Voltage 220-240V 50Hz
Self-contained cube ice maker (bin 18 kg) producing ca. 44 kg (15 mm)/ 36 kg (5 mm), ca. 40 kg (15 mm)/ 32 kg (5 mm), ca. 32 kg (15 mm)/ 29 kg (5 mm) of high-quality cube ice 28x28x32 mm per 24 hours. Ice production per cycle: ca. 0.67 kg/ 30 pcs. Many application possibilities in segments including the foodservice and medical sector. Electronic control system for an optimized ice-making process, even under varying circumstances. A closed water circuit offers the ultimate contamination protection, by reducing the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process. A stainless steel exterior (galvanized steel (rear) with integrated door handles provides a hygienic and high quality finish. Foam injected polyurethane for insulation (HFC free), helps preserve the quality and consistency of the ice produced, reducing the number of production cycles. An easily cleanable air filter allows end users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule, extending product life expectancy and reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance call-outs. Removable door gaskets help prevent any heat and contamination from entering the bin as well as making your product easy to clean and maintain. Temperature: AT.10 ̊C, WT.10 ̊C, AT.21 ̊C, WT.15 ̊C, AT.32 ̊C, WT.21 ̊C. Water consumption per 24h (for ice making purposes only): ca. 0.17 m3, ca. 0.10 m3, ca. 0.09 m3. Condenser: air-cooled, fin and tube type. Refrigerant control: capillary tube. R134a. Accessories: scoop, leg, installation kit.