Model MF45.1PLUS
Power Type Electrical
Power 3.6 kW
Capacity 45 kg
Dimensions 790x969x1595 mm
Weight 220 kg
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Tray capacity (H - distance between trays): 9xGN1/1 or 600х400 mm, h=60 mm, 12xGN1/1 or 600х400 mm, h=40 mm, 18xGN1/1 or 600х400 mm, h=20 mm. Blast chilling (+90/+3ºC) – 45 kg. Shock freezing (+90/-18) – 45 kg. Made from stainless steel. Standard or dynamic control panel. Standard panel: 4 cycles: 2 new chilling cycles (delicate +3° /strong +3°) and 2 new freezing cycles (delicate -18° /strong -18°). Dynamic panel: automatic setting of temperature and chilling time, according to choosing product. Air condensing unit. Refrigerant 404а. Sanigen is a sanification system for total cleanliness and healthiness. MultiRack – adjustable tray holder, which allows to operate with GN trays or 600х400 mm trays. MultiSensor – temperature probe. It’s possible to use machine as proover and they have automatic defrost. Low temperature cooking and regeneration. Equivalent energy savings (35% – energysaving).