Blast Chiller 14xGN 1/1 / 600x400 mm, 45, 30 kg/cycle
Model AB14N
Power Type Electrical
Power 2.8 kW
Capacity 14xGN1/1 600x400 mm
Dimensions 800x825/1585x2025 mm
Weight 245 kg
Voltage 400/3N/50
Stainless steel AISI 304 monocoque structure; scotch-brite external satin finish; 60 mm high density HFC free polyurethane foam insulation (40 kg/m3); stainless steel adjustable feet; cell with rounded internal edges for a perfect cleaning and hygiene; easy access to the evaporator to facilitate cleaning; easily removable wire grids for GN 1/1 or 60x40 containers; reversible spring return door with removable magnetic gasket; door switch to stop the fan when the door is open; frontal air circulation inside the technical compartment for a uniform distribution of the flows; 6 operating cycles. Manual air defrosting, manual evaporation of defrost water. R452A refrigerant. Blast chilling (+90/+3°C) – 45 kg. Shock freezing (+90/-18°C) – 30 kg. Pitch 67 mm.