Pizza oven,11-12xØ28-30 cm, 1800x2100 mm
Model IGL1416
Power Type Neutral
Capacity 11-12xØ28-30 cm
Dimensions 1800x2100 mm
Weight 1650 mm
Producer Refrattari Valoriani Srl
The oven is made of refractory material. It can be wood or gas oven. The first and unique transpiring oven able to discharge outside the moisture produced during the baking. This oven can be customized, by creating a “specially built oven”, based on custom’s imagination. The oven IGLOO is delivered already assembled, by using a lift truck or a jib crane, in order to let the oven enter the room. Inside dimensions 140x160 cm. Front opening 55x28 cm. Flue manifold 20 Ø cm. Pizza capacity Ø 28-30 cm: 11/12. The gas burner for gas ovens is not included.