Pizza oven 700 with digital control (2 decks), 1125х905х820 mm
Model PM722ED
Power Type Electrical
Power 13.4 kW
Capacity 12xØ254 mm, 8xØ355 mm, 4Ø406 mm, 2Ø457 mm
Dimensions 1125х905х820 mm
Weight 260 kg
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Producer PizzaMaster
Hearth of natural material with crisping function. Digital display with electronic controls. Turbo-start function. Timer with manual shut-off alarm. Auto-timer with alarm. Dual anti-glare halogen lighting in each chamber. Retractable frontal unloading shelf. Legs with lockable castors. See-through oven door with special heat-reflecting glass. Extractor hood. Extraction control. Chamber dimensions 710x710x210/245 mm. For total height inclusive of stand, add 935 mm.