Настольная пицца-печь на 2 камеры, 775x725x800 мм
Model PM552ED
Power Type Electrical
Power 8.77 kW
Dimensions 775x725x800 mm
Voltage 230V/1/50 Hz
Producer PizzaMaster
Made from stainless steel. Electronic capacity adjustment. Turbo launch. Two separate zones of heating - above and below. The timer with a sound signal, manual deenergizing. Auto-timer with a sound signal. A strong door with the ergonomic handle. Halogen illumination. Thermostat indicator, turbo-start and service. Bake pizzas, bread, pies, etc. as it is possible to fry meat, potato. 2 chambers 535х535х195 mm each. Stones in the oven - 2. 400V/3/50Hz is also available.