Electric pizza oven, 4 pizzas Ø33 cm
Model 4717061
Power Type Electrical
Power 4.5 kW
Temperature max 450°C
Capacity 1 x 600x400 mm
Dimensions 910x840x430 mm
Weight 76 kg
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz

Features: cooking chamber in aluminium coated steel plate and refractory baking floor. Stainless steel shielded resistors. Independent power regulation for baking floor and ceiling. Guaranteed thermal insulation. Door with tempered glass window. Counter-balanced front doors. Vapor discharge. Complete view of the cooking chamber inside. Chamber lighting. Tray holder level support with wheels. Hermetic seal leavening cell with wheels. Internal dimensions: H150 x W660 x D660 mm. 4 pizzas Ø33 cm. Optional: independent digital temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling; hood module with motor and optional vapour and odour removal kit. Available with stainless steel front or rustic style front (I or R).