Vegetable preparation machine
Model RG-100_1002
Power Type Electrical
Power 0.25 kW
Dimensions 215x425x495 mm
Weight 19 kg
Voltage 230 V/1/50 Hz
Producer AB Hällde Maskiner
Speed: 350 rpm. А Feeder 1.65 l. Anodized and polished aluminium alloy. Slices, cubes, straws, crushes on a grater fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, nuts, mushrooms etc., cuts slightly bent potato chips / the French potato. Processes to 5 kg in minute. Installation of protection of the engine from an overheat. Transfer: a planetary reducer. Protective system: two protective switches and a mechanical brake. A class of protection: IP44. A class of protection of buttons: IP65. Automatic function of inclusion and deenergizing. The tubular feeder with a pusher for cutting cucumbers, a leek, tomatoes, citron etc. in a certain direction. The modern ergonomic inclined design. At the device the handle behind for more convenient moving.