Vegetable Preparation Machine, 20-400 portions/day - 5 kg/minute, 230 V
Model RG-100_1002
Power Type Electrical
Power 0.25 kW
Dimensions 215x425x495 mm
Weight 16.4 kg
Voltage 230 V/1/50 Hz
Producer AB Hällde Maskiner

Table top vegetable preparation machine, made to process 5 kg/minute or 20-400 portions/day. One-speed (350 rpm). Aluminium alloy machine base and 1.65 litre feed cylinder h150 mm, ø170 mm, a tube feeder of ø56 mm. Cutting tools are made of stainless steel/aluminium/acetal/fiberglass reinforced polyamide with replaceable knifes/plates and are ø185 mm. Large half-moon shaped feed cylinder that can take most items whole. Efficient start/ stop function for continuous feeding. Easy piling of tomatoes, onions, bell peppers etc. for oriented slicing. Angle top feed head as an accessory for cutting angle shaped slices. Good for Asian wok dishes or for different types of soup. Thermal protection, planetary gearing. Degree of protection machine: IP44, push buttons: IP65. Handle, enables easy moving. FUNCTION: machine for slicing, dicing, shredding, grating and cutting julienne and crimping slices; processes fruit, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc. HALLDE Vegetable Preparation Machine RG-100 suits in small to medium sized kitchens; bakery, kindergarten, café/ bar, catering, care homes, hospital, marine, hotel, military canteen, prison, restaurant, school, fast food restaurant (in store cutting), supermarkets etc. The RG-100 can also be ordered with a protective cover that covers the start and stop button for environments in which extra safety is a high priority. The user locks the machine with a removable padlock.