Hamburger forming machine with built-in meatball forming machine, ~ 3000 max. hamburgers/h, ~ 6000 meatballs/h
Model C/EHF
Power Type Electrical
Power 0.9 kW
Capacity 40 l
Dimensions 695/1432х830х1514/1955 mm
Weight 160 kg
Voltage 230 V/1/50 Hz

Stainless steel structure, hopper, frontal door and lid. Machine on trolley with self-braking wheels. Stacking function (for hamburgers) - 80 mm useful stacking height. Automatic scraper device. Shaft assembly easily removable and changeable. Standard equipment: speed variators (for hamburgers and meatballs) – paper interleaver device – oil feeder (for meatballs). Patties: max. ø135 mm (30 mm max thickness), meatballs: min. ø25 mm, max. ø39 mm. Output/ h: hamburgers ~ 3000 max., meatballs ~ 6000.