Dishwashers, laundry

Skalbimo mašina
Model RC23
Power Type Electrical
Power 17 kW
Capacity 215 l
Dimensions 1236х880х1056 mm
Weight 318 kg
Water Inlet ¾’’
Water Outlet Ø50 мм
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Base, inner and outer drums made from stainless steel. AISI 304 18/10. all the other components in iron and cast iron are painted with epoxy varnish in polymerization oven at over 180 ˚C. Special technical methods and the use of two bearings guarantee a perfect operation avoiding any water or detergent inflow into the bearing housing. Soap boxes consist of three compartments. Invertor. Electronic speed control. Inner and outer drums, motor with shock-absorbers and dowels. High-speed washing machines are supplied by demountable rubber door linings and can be easily replaced. The motorized converter. Drain pipe. All machines work silently, and can working along time. Control: electronic timer 6 standard built in programmers (it is possible to select them through 6 keys). 4 digit display shows the selected program, the operating cycle and the following ones. Display shows continuously the water temperature, the program end or the alarm signals. The spin can be disconnected by pushing a key. Concerning the available variations in the program it is also possible to exclude some cycles or to go directly to the program end by pushing the key for fast advancing. A buzzer signals the program end. Capacity 23 kg. G factor 86. Water consumption 380 l.