Dishwashers, laundry

Pot washing machine
Power Type Electrical
Power 16.5
Capacity 108 l
Dimensions 1025x957x1964 mm
Weight 257
Water Inlet ½" (DN15), 3–10 °dH
Water Outlet Ø32
Voltage 400V/3/50-60Hz
Smart is an excellent choice for kitchens where low ceilings are a challenge and space is needed for other, more income-generating operations. Ideal for kitchens with mainly Gastronorm containers but easily adapted to fit GN 2/1 trays, grids, baking trays, chopping boards, GN 1/1 lids, ladles, large pots, saucepans and skillets by adding a few accessories. Suitable for kitchens preparing between 400 and 1500 meals per day. Wash pump motor 2.2 kW; wash tank element - 9 kW (14 kW cold water), rinse tank element - 9 kW (14 kW cold water) - do not operate simultaneously. Enclosure rating IPX5. Wash tank volume: 108 l. Rinse water volume: 4 l (ECO programme), 6 l (short/ normal programme). Wash programmes with/without granules: 2 min / 2 min (ECO programme), 3 min / 2 min 30 sec (short programme) and 5 min / 4 min 30 sec (normal programme) - 30 sec longer with steam reduction. Wash water temperature 65ºC, rinse water temperature 85ºC, cold water - 1-6 bar (with optional steam reduction 3–6 bar), drain capacity requirement - 50 l/min. Max. / normal capacity per hour: 180 / 132 GN 1/1 or similar in other pots. Capacity per programme: 6 GN1/1 65 mm depth or 3 GN1/1 up to 200 mm depth and 3 GN1/1 up to 65 mm depth, or similar in other pots. Including USB port for HACCP Log (for up to 200 wash cycles through the built-in HACCP Log feature), GD Memo™ (a built-in counting and reminder system that keeps track of wash cycles and remembers when it's time to change PowerGranules or the water or when to book an appointment for maintenance - so that you won't have to) and type AB air gap according to EN 1717. Standard equipment: 19999 Standard wash basket (Capacity: 6 GN 1/1 65 mm or 3 GN 1/1 up to 200 mm + 3 GN 1/1 up to 65 mm, equipped with small hooks which enables up to 12 small containers (1/4, 1/6, 1/9) to be loaded directly into the wash basket), 21838 Scraper, 1 pc Granule collector 21550, 8 litres PowerGranules® (in the machine).