Dishwashers, laundry

Pot washing machine front loaded with rotating wash basket, 108 l
Model 27024_GRANULE_SMART+
Power Type Electrical
Power 17.2 kW
Capacity 108 l
Dimensions 2 079 (± 25)x1 025x1 317 mm
Weight 331 kg
Water Outlet Ø32 mm
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
The ultimate front loaded Kitchen solution; Versatility and ability to handle a wide variety of wash ware. No need to sort and separate the items coming from the kitchen. All-in-one pot, pan and dish washer for the kitchen. Dual power: Plus mode for crockery, glass and plastic ware, as well as Granule Technology'“ for pots, pans, chicken grids, and other items that need an extra boost. Granule Smart+ fits in less than 1 sqm with a smart built-in loading table, or as a system with multiple baskets and trolleys. Washes up to 7 GN 1/1 per programme, up to 168 GN 1/1 or GN 1/2 per hour. Volume: 108 l wash tank; rinse - 4 l (ECO program) 6 l (short / normal program); 4 l rinse water volume PLUS mode; 8 l granule volume. Water temperature: wash - 65°C, rinse – 85°C. Sound pressure level: 70 dB (A). Programs: With / without Granules - ECO: 2 min, 30 sec, Short: 3 min, 30 sec, Normal: 5 min, 30 sec; Without Granules - ECO: 2 min, 30 sec, Short: 2 min, 40 sec, Normal: 4 min, 40 sec; PLUS mode (crockery wash) - ECO: 1 min, 30 sec, Short: 2 min, Normal: 2 min, 30 sec. Max. / normal capacity per hour (normal capacity incl. handling): Standard Edition - 168/126 GN1/1 or similar in other pots, FreeFlow Edition - 168/147 GN1/1 or similar in other pots; PLUS mode: 40/33 500x500 mm wash baskets. Capacity pot wash per program: 6+1 GN 1/1 65 mm depth or 3 GN 1/1 up to 200 mm depth and 3 GN 1/1 up to 65 mm depth, or similar in other pots. Enclosure rating: IPX5. Water connections: hot water feed - 55-65°C, 1-6 bar, 3-7°dH; cold water feed - 5-20°C, 1-6 bar, 3-7°dH. N.B. If the hot water supply varies in temperatures over the day and will drop below 50 °C, we recommend to choose an electrical option with more powerful heating elements (cold water feed). For optimal performance, the machine can still be connected to hot water. GRANULE SMART+® STANDARD EDITION: machine including USB port for HACCP Log, GD Memo™, type AB air gap according to EN1717. Standard equipment: 1 pc 26426 Standard wash basket, 1 pc 21838 Scraper, 1 pc 21550, Granule collector 8 litres, 8 litres PowerGranules BIO® (in the machine).