Dishwashers, laundry

Pot-washing machine
Model LP38-EK
Power Type Electrical
Power 24 kW
Dimensions 1535x965x2035 mm
Weight 500 kg
Voltage 400V/3/50 Hz
Producer Lamber
Tank capacity 177 l . Boiler capacity 2x8 l . Water consumption: Cycle water consumption 12 litres. Hour water consumption 240-144-96 l. Water connection: Temperature 50-55ºC. Pressure 2-4 Bar. Stainless steel construction AISI 304 18/10 . Washing and rinsing arms in stainless steel. 4 washing pumps in stainless steel. Wash programmes: cycle 3, 5, 7 minutes. Soft touch electronic control panel. Digital thermometers. Double insulated wall 14/20 mm thick. 3 integral tank filters. Self-cleaning tank. Extractable control panel for an easy maintenance. Automatic tank loading. Door opening safety device. Thermocontrol: it guarantees that the rinsing cycle starts only when the water reaches 85°C. Safety thermostat. Washing capacity 20 baskets/h . Basket 1350x700 mm. Working height 865 mm. Clearance 840 mm. 1 basket for pots, one 3 baking pans insert.