Dishwashers, laundry

Pot-washing machine, 30-15-8 baskets per hour, 177/16 l
Model LP31/L-DY
Power Type Electrical
Power 18 kW
Dimensions 1535x965x1835 mm
Weight 380 kg
Water Inlet 3/4"G
Water Outlet 1" 1/2 G
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 utensil-washer. Stainless steel rotating upper and lower wash, rinse. New frontal extractable (easy maintenance) soft-touch electronic control panel with interactive graphic display. Digital thermometers. Complete programming of all the washing parameters. Cycle counter. Service maintenance function. Self-cleaning tank with slanting bottom. Double and counterbalanced door. Prerinse system 50°. 2 stainless steel self-emptying/ autodraining wash pumps. Stainless steel rinse booster pump. 3 integral extractable tank drawer filters. Automatic tank loading. Vapor scavenging system. Door opening safety device. Safety thermostat. Issue: 1 S.S. generic basket 1350X700 mm. 30-15-8 baskets per hour. Cycle 2’-4’-7’ endless, min. 640 mm clearance. 865 mm working height. 177 l tank capacity, 2x8 l boiler. 12 l water consumption per cycle. <70 dB (A) noise. Cold/ hot water 12÷15 / 45÷55°C. 2÷4 bar water pressure. 5÷10°F water hardness. 80÷90°C rinsing water. Options: peristaltic detergent pump, incorporated drain pump.