Dishwashers, laundry

Frontal pot-washing machine with drain pump, 8.2 kW
Model P700-DY-P
Power Type Neutral
Power 8.2 kW
Dimensions 805x845x1785 mm
Weight 196 kg
Water Inlet 3/4''
Water Outlet 1''1/4
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
Producer Lamber
Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304. New frontal soft-touch electronic control panel with interactive graphic display and complete programming of all the washing parameters. Digital thermometers. Cycle counter. Service maintenance function. Double insulated wall. Double counterbalanced door. 61 l self-cleaning tank with slanting bottom. 8 l boiler. Stainless steel wash and rinse arms. Rotating lower and upper wash, rinse. 2.2 kW stainless steel wash pump. Incorporated booster pump. Integral tank drawer filters. Automatic tank loading. Door opening safety device. Rinse aid dispenser. Hot water inlet. Incorporated drain pump. Working height: 865 mm; clearance; 640 mm. 30-20-15 baskets per hour; cycle period: 2'-3'-4'-infinity. 0.38 kW rinse pump; 6 kW tank/ boiler element. Water consumption per cycle: 4 l. Water connection: 50-55°C. Issue: 1 S.S. generic basket, 640x670 mm, 1 S.S: insert for 3 pans. Options: CV steam condenser with regeneration (Cold water inlet – Total rating 8.2 kW), SRS Safe rinse Break Tank, DAD-P Peristaltic detergent pump, DAD-R Adjustable flow rate detergent pump, DG-LP Double slide guide. 
In the current pandemic situation of COVID-19 the STRENGTHENED SANITIZATION applied in our machines assures the disinfection of the dishes guaranteeing the contact time with the water at the correct temperature during all the time of washing (90’’-55°C) and during all the time of rinsing (15’’82°C), eliminating dirt and microbes present on the dishes. These parameters can be modified according to the local and governmental regulations of the different countries. Ideal for clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories - the health sector, also suitable for hotels, restaurants and bars that want to ensure maximum hygiene to their customers.