Dishwashers, laundry

Dishwasher with detergent pump and double slide guide, 18 / 5 l
Model F94-XL-DY-D
Power Type Electrical
Power 6.6 kW
Capacity 18 / 5 l
Dimensions 600x715x890 mm
Weight 82 kg
Water Inlet 3/4" G
Water Outlet 32 мм ÷ 1"1/4 G
Voltage 400 V 3N~50 Hz
Producer Lamber S.r.l.
Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304. Insulated double skin (thermic and acoustic insulation with a thickness of 14 mm). Wash cycle time: 60”-120”-180”-10’; 120’’-180’’-240’’-10’. Washing capacity, dishes/H: 660/440/330 1320/440/330. Extractable soft-touch control panel with interactive graphic display - wash and rinse temperature electronic display, complete programming of all the washing parameters. Rotating lower and upper wash and upper rinse. Constant rinse boiler system (RCB). Rinse and detergent aid dispensers. Economy thermostat. Drawn tank with self-cleaning bottom and rounded edges. Thermocontrol (device which guarantees the selected temperature for every rinsing cycle even in case of nonstop work). Cycle start with soft-start system. Integral tank drawer filters. Automatic tank loading. Door opening safety device. Suitable to wash crates, containers, baking-pans, kitchen utensils and whatever kind of dishes and glasses. Cpl.double slide guide to wash at the same time saucers and cups. Accessories: 1 general basket in plastic with two open sides, 1 baking pan rack for 3 trays in S.S., 1 basket for 22 dishes in plastic, 1 general basket in plastic, 2 cutlery containers in plastic.