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Посудомоечная машина с механизмом тяги кассет, 150-250 корзин/ч, 61/ 24 л
Model M250-HK
Power Type Electrical
Power 32.40 kW
Capacity 61 l
Dimensions 1950x840 H 1650
Voltage 400V/3/50Hz
Producer Lamber
Tank capacity 61 l . Boiler capacity 24 l . Hour water consumption 300 litres. Water connection: Temperature 45-55ºC. Electronic control. Temperature’s electronic display. The pumps with stainless steel body and impeller ensure high reliability and efficiency. Furthermore they are inclined so that they can be emptied when the washing tank is empty. The tank is insultated to decrease the thermal dissipation. The drain washing tanks with rounded edges guarantee the highest hygiene and avoid the deposit of dirt. The drain valve allows to automatically empty the tanks simply by pressing a button. The automatic pre-washing is available with a large dirt filtering area for a first degreasing of food residues. Production: 150 baskets/h (1st speed), 250 baskets/h (2nd speed). Clearance 420 mm.