Steam reducer to Ebo64L oven (long forepart)
Model ALH64L_EBO
Power Type Electrical
Power 0.11 kW
Temperature -10/+35ºС
Dimensions 930x1060x190 mm
Weight 32 kg
Voltage 230 V/1/50 Hz
Very high and uniform condensation performance for a long time. Removable steam condenser: easy to clean. Complete separation of the cooling and exhaust air. Low overall height, long-term functionality of the steam reducer. Designed on a maintenance-friendly basis. When baking Kaiser rolls in-parallel in the Dibas 64 S/L Vario at a room temperature of 20°C, a condensate quantity of 2.2 l is achieved. Energy efficiency: automatic cutoff and stand-by modes. Max. air flow volume 705 m³/h. Max. air outlet speed 14.3 m/s. Speed: 2500-2600 rpm. 90°C exhaust air temperature. 70°C condensate temperature. Options: stainless steel or nostalgic design.