Измельчитель на 1 скорость
Model OMR
Power Type Electrical
Power 1.5 kW
Dimensions 700x600x1150 mm
Weight 220 kg
Voltage 400 V/3/50 Hz
This is the ideal machine for your pastry shop. It is provided with cast iron helical gears in a complete oil bath, grease nipples and a modern system for fastening the scraping blades which make it extremely sturdy, reliable and also very fast and easy to clean. Its robust structure includes a steel sheet base and cast-iron shoulders, making it an undisputed leader in the field of mixers. The perfectly faced porphyry cylinders may be separated from each other by a handwheel but still remain perfectly parallel. The rear cylinder turns on its axis for better refining. The machine is equipped with accident prevention features as well as a low voltage 24V electrical system in accordance with safety regulations. 1 speed. 2 cylinders Ø150x320 mm.